Add a brand new tool to your research arsenal!

  • Your real-time UX score UX is more important than ever before! Complement usability testing and other data sources with a real-time score that shows how new features impact key customer perceptions.
  • The IgniteFeedback Widget
  • Targeted Feedback
  • Target precise feedback Use rules data-driven rules to collect highly contextual user feedback based on who they are and where, when, and how they interact.
  • Recruit research participants Use IgniteFeedback to find customers or users who are interested in volunteering to join you for more in-depth research and avoid paying for expensive panels or users who don’t match your target market.
  • Recruit Particpants

  • Benchmarking
  • Benchmark your data Use your favorite methodology like NPS, SUS, CES or let us design a scientific measurement model that is custom for you. We can then compare your performance over time as well as see how the competition is doing.